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Annika Duan

My body of work is compiled of my reflections on how the corruption of innocence ties into my and others’ lives since it is such a universal experience. When creating my pieces, I was guided by the questions about how innocence ties into different stages of life and the universal meaning behind the corruption of innocence. My work began as an investigation of the different ways in which people experience a corruption of innocence. I incorporated 3d elements and explored lots of different mediums. I began to tie in more metaphorical meaning with my pieces; by using collages and symbolism, I was able to more indirectly address my question of corruption. As my investigation progressed, I began to experiment with the style of my pieces. I became fascinated with the concept of glass and fragility, and began photographing and observing shattered glass. Innocence itself is not a tangible object yet it can be taken away in the blink of an eye; I translated my understanding of innocence into photographs of shattered glass and reflections to highlight the beauty yet danger of corruption.

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