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Digital Photography, Winter 2020

The Digital Photography class moves from essentials of photographic composition such as the rule of thirds, the golden spiral, frame within a frame, vertical vs. horizontal format, leading lines, through to thematic projects and Photoshop tutorials. With the transition to hybrid learning, students were able to work with DSLR cameras in a workshop setting in order to learn how to shoot in aperture priority, shutter priority and with manual settings. The course has been structured by weekly challenges in essential skills and longer-term thematic assignments. Throughout the course students have been introduced to the work of great photographers working in different genres through research assignments, teacher-led presentations and a semester-long virtual mentor project. Students will finish out the fall semester by putting together a digital portfolio that includes their best work and an independent series. Please double click the galleries below to view images and artist attribution.


Challenges are designed to take place over the course of a week. They include exercises in the essentials of composition and basic photographic techniques. They are meant to be low pressure explorations with quick,

evident results.


Projects take place over the course of a unit or two and last three to six weeks. Projects enable students to get an in-depth opportunity to explore thematic ideas, to master more complicated approaches and to demonstrate their ability to make strong artistic and photographic choices when working independently.

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