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Aden Walsey 

The question that is guiding my sustained investigation is “how can I express my thoughts about existence, consciousness, and a subjective reality through my artwork?” I wanted to explore the mind and different ways one views life, thinks, and creates. For the majority of my works, I have focused on my mind specifically. One theme in works 3-6 has to do with my personal mental growth, which is symbolized through plants. I have had many realizations about my position in life, such as how destructive living in the past is, and I have incorporated this into my artwork, for example, by using a futuristic style in image 3. Additionally, my theme largely plays with the concept of a subjective reality. I often wonder if I am living in a simulation, or if anything exists other than my consciousness. The third eye in images 1 and 3, along with the 360º vision in image 2, represents higher consciousness, and this idea is continued in images 5 and 6. In image 7, I’m playing with the subjective reality again; the image illustrates a question I often wonder, is everything always in motion?

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