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Art 8, Fall 2020

Zentangle Portraits

The “zen” in “zentangle” references a set of beliefs that are part of Zen-Buddhism, a type of Buddhism developed in Ancient Japan. The name ‘“zentangle” comes from the relaxing meditative experience of drawing intricate designs. Zentangles teach us to do everything consciously and deliberately, and to “go with the flow” when things don’t work out the way we intended. 


Students started this project by outlining a photo of themselves in the iPad app, Procreate. From this drawing, they used the grid method to re-create their outline on a larger piece of paper. They then filled in their portrait with a variety of designs. Each student was required to create 4 original patterns that represented an aspect of their identity, but some created more. You can learn more about each student’s artwork by reading their artist statements. 

Surreal Landscape Artworks

In this project, students applied their observational drawing and painting skills to an artwork of surreal landscape. Students first designed their surreal landscape using the iPad app Procreate, by combining multiple photographs and using techniques such as cutting, pasting and masking to create a cohesive image. Students then translated this digital image into an artwork on paper using materials of their choice.

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