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Studio Art I, Winter 2020

Studio Art I introduces students to an array of 2d and 3d media and techniques, including collage and painting with acrylics, printmaking through monoprint and linocuts, and sculpture with found objects, wire and modelling clay. This course is materials and project-focused, but the implementation of hybrid instruction has allowed for more targeted skill instruction through journals exercises in drawing and a series of weekly challenges that encompass all manner of arts practice from utilizing household materials to digital image production and manipulation. Throughout the semester students have been introduced to the work of leading contemporary artists through both creative projects and presentations. Students will conclude the fall semester by completing an individual body of work of at least five pieces in a medium of their choice. Please double click the galleries below to view images and artist attribution.


Challenges are designed to take place over the course of a week. They include drawing exercises, artist responses, and fun activities using different media. They are meant to be low pressure explorations with quick,

evident results.


Projects take place over the course of a unit or two and last three to six weeks. Projects enable students to get an in-depth understanding of a medium and to work on expressing meaningful ideas through the visual arts.

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