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Studio Art II, Spring 2020

Personal Mandalas

The mandala is a map of the universe; a visual symbol that represents the wholeness and interconnectedness of everything, from a micro to a macro level. All mandalas have unique and intricate features that make them one of a kind, and all mandalas share a universality in their basic composition by utilizing radial balance and geometric shapes. Similarly, students created mandalas that represented their unique characteristics, while also illustrating their universal oneness.


In this unit, students explored cyanotypes, a photographic development process that uses the sun. They experimented with different ways to apply the cyanotype solution to paper,  learned how different modes of application impacted the development of their image. Ultimately they chose which techniques and processes to use towards the creation of a series of cyanotypes. 

Letters of Love

Students created artwork and wrote letters of love and appreciation for four different people in their lives: a classmate, a friend, a family member, and a teacher or mentor. They were free to choose their subject matter and materials. The only requirements were that their letters include both artwork and writing, and that they deliver them using good old snail mail. 

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