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Maya Zhan

In my investigation, I am exploring the effects of loneliness on our everyday lives. Loneliness is a part of most of our lives, and it can make us feel trapped and overwhelmed. These images depict the journey of a girl coping with the effects of loneliness. Simultaneously, they are visual representations of the feeling of isolation. In Image 1, the girl walks to her apartment at night in front of a wall of graffiti. The eye looks away from the girl, showing how she feels disconnected from society and people she knows. In images 2 and 3, the girl enters her apartment lobby and the empty hallway. The narrow composition and lines that consume her signify how she feels trapped. The distortion in image 4 illustrates her inner turmoil clouding her view of the world around her.  In image 5 I drew in a panned out view her room, the only one with light, in a sea of darkness. In Image 6, the layers show how the girl’s past experiences shaped her, and how loneliness alters those layers. She can begin to cope with loneliness by recognizing her problems.


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