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Sophie Ashely

The questions that are guiding my sustained investigation include: What do women go through in order to conform to society? What are the expectations that society places on us? This is a prevalent issue in our society, and I notice young girls constantly comparing themselves to others who may be seen as “perfect.” My goal is to bring awareness to this topic and help girls see that everyone has their own insecurities. In Image 2, for example, I emphasized the expectation of having a specific body type by showing a girl who looks skinny, but she is still insecure about it. The mirror is a consistent aspect in many of my images because I want to show how people see themselves compared to how society views us. I’m experimenting with it in different ways, trying multiple angles and types of mirrors for each image. I experimented with makeup mirrors, full length mirrors, and bathroom mirrors, and shattered mirrors to convey the purpose of my work. I also use a variety of mediums to create my art. I started off with painting, but transitioned to using Procreate. Lastly, if I am not satisfied with how my work looks, I keep revising it until I like it.

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