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Drew Ness

The questions I am exploring are, how do good and evil manifest in our world? What causes love and hate? Is there good without evil? I decided that I would create a surreal world that exaggerates the manifestations of good and evil. There are two planes of this world that represent two different mindsets or paths of life. The left is a balance of positive and negative, while the right shows a constant struggle to find positivity without negativity, insinuating that this is very difficult or even impossible. This idea is a theorized answer to my last question, Is there good without evil? My sustained investigation has consisted of mostly practice and experimentation so far. I have done several separate paintings to test and revise before I moved to the final painting. I have tested color palettes and the logistics of painting the rose shaped head of the subjects in the piece. Furthermore, I revised the color palette recently because I tested grey for the right side on the digital sketch and didn’t like the way it looked, so I chose purple instead because it represents jealousy to me and compliments the green of the opposing side.

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