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Studio Art II, Winter 2020

Personal Mandalas

The mandala is a map of the universe; a visual symbol that represents the wholeness and interconnectedness of everything, from a micro to a macro level. All mandalas have unique and intricate features that make them one of a kind, and all mandalas share a universality in their basic composition by utilizing radial balance and geometric shapes. Similarly, students created mandalas that represented their unique characteristics, while also illustrating their universal oneness.

Visual Interpretation

When we listen to music or read a book or poem, we often conjure images in our mind. In this project, students brought those images to life. They began by choosing their source material: a favorite song, poem, quote or passage that was particularly meaningful to their life at that moment. They then took that source material and interpreted it visually. Their interpretation could be literal or abstract, as long as they represented the way it made them feel or the imagery it conjured. 

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