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Drew Ness

The questions that I explored in my sustained investigation were: what impact do relationships have on us? How do the different relationships we have throughout our life help us to grow and change? I explored many ways of representing relationships and their impact. First I focused on using nature to represent relationships. I used water to represent vitality and life, I used the changing coast as a symbol for the effects of relationships, and I used the sun and moon to show the aspect of time in a relationship. For example in image 4 the moon represents a relationship that has ended. After this I wanted to make the representation more apparent and decided to use more clear symbols including the religious symbolism of water lilies, historical monuments and architecture. The monuments show longevity and strength of healthy relationships as well as the meaning behind the eye of horus within the temple. I used gold leaf to highlight the power of the symbols in images 5, 6, and 7. Lastly I used figures to clarify my ideas in images 9 and 10. These images explored the importance of the relationship one has with oneself before anyone else and the importance of learning to find vitality within first and foremost. 

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