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Makenna Wolcott

The questions that fueled my investigation are what themes fuel the idea of occultism and its different practices as well as how can occultism be seen today? In my exploration of occultism I noticed a recurring practice known as Tarot. Tarot cards are used in many different ways in the Wiccan and voodoo communities. It can be used to tell the past, present, and future of the reader or even be used to hint at one’s future spouse. I loved how many different artists had created their own cards but every set had certain aspects that appeared no matter what. I had to research tarot and figure out how to implement the ideas behind each tarot card. For example, with my death card, I included a rose, as death doesn’t necessarily mean and ending but instead new beginnings. I also experimented outside the idea of tarot and with different mediums. I used acrylic and acrylic pens to create the Seer and Necromancy. I’ve explored my style through these different forms and it’s evolved into a bright form of something resembling pop art, as described by my classmates. 

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